Against political repressions in Armenia
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Sunday, 2022-10-02, 12:43 PM

Dear Friend,

This page has been created as a result of political terror, carried out by Armenian authorities, which had already started from the threshold of 2007 parliamentary elections, escalated during 2008 presidential elections and reached its utmost cruelty after peaceful demonstrators’ massacre on March 1st.

According to official report, ten people were dead, more than hundred people were injured and thousands are persecuted and oppressed until today as a result of government’s illegal actions.

The purpose of this page is to inform the society about persecutions and those who are being persecuted, and particularly to organize protection of persecuted persons.

In the Persecuted Persons section you will find information about people who had undergone political repressions. If you are aware of some persons, which according to you had been repressed because of their political views, but are not present in our list, please let us know immediately by visiting Contact Us section or trough other suitable means, which you will find in About Us section of our page.

In Donations section you will find necessary information about donations for the sake of the families of political prisoners.

Communicate and share your thoughts in our Forum.

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