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Sunday, 2019-05-26, 9:12 AM
First time after the creation of “The committee for defense of political prisoners and politically harassed”, a financial aid was given to the families of political prisoners. On 24.07.2008, 5 needy families of political prisoners received a financial aid, 60000AMD each.
Views: 1310 | Added by: DSahakyan | Date: 2008-07-28 | Comments (1)

On July 25th, 2008, at 11AM, a provisional judicial sitting is organized by administrative court - Gagik Jhangiryan against RA president’s N nh-28-a and N nh-29-a of 23.02.2008 edicts, and for recognizing those edicts ineffective. Underlined judicial sitting will take place in RA Court of Criminal Appeal building’s hall N2. Gagik Jhangiryan will be present at the judicial sitting.
Views: 1272 | Added by: DSahakyan | Date: 2008-07-25 | Comments (3)

Despite the calls of many advocates and many other international organizations, the government of RA has one more time violated Arman Babajanyan’s right of being pre-term exonerated from bearing punishment. Arman Babajanyan is the general editor of “Zhamanak Yerevan” and “Zhamanak Los Angeles”. Keeping him in prison has only political motives, because in legal field there is no reasoning for refusal of his claim. With this action, the government of Armenia has one more time proved the world and our society, that all the promises to establish democracy in Armenia are just empty words. They hope that through killings, tortures, filling jails with political opponents, they can terrorize our citizens and shut their voices of complain.
“The committee for defense of political prisoners and politically harassed” condemns the decision of Armenian government to refuse Arman Babajanmyan’s right to be pre-term exonerated and classifies the action of RA government as politi ... Read more »
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