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Karapet Rubinyan

Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as a victim of political persecution:

Mr. Rubinyan is a well known and largely respected political figure with strong organizational skills. He is also known for his principal position in regard of any unlawfulness.

 In his capacity of the Deputy Chief of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s Shengavit District Campaign Headquarters and Proxy on the Elections day Mr. Rubinyan has witnessed and duly reported to the CeC, Prosecutor's Office about all irregularities that took place. All his complaints remained unanswered; no proper steps were taken by law enforcement bodies to stop ongoing violations.

 On March 3 place of residence of Mr. Rubinyan was searched by the representatives of Special Investigation Unit of NSS. According to the official record of the search “illegal items were not found.” On the same day he was arrested and in two days, on March 5 investigator Nadiryan involved him as a culprit and immediately requested district Court for a sanction to place him in pre-trial detention, which was given to him on the next day.

On March 12, by the order of the same investigator Mr. Rubinyan was denied any contacts with outside world including close relatives.

Although the accusing side was insisting that they already have in their disposal all necessary materials and proves of the guilt of Mr. Rubinyan, after one month of detention, on Aril 4 the investigator has initiated economic persecution of enterprises suspected in the support of opposition and ordered to State Tax Department to conduct extra schedule audit in five different firms where Mr. Rubinyan allegedly have shares, and probably might used his shadow incomes from the said firms for organization and conduct of large scale public events aimed at the destabilization of the internal political situation. The said audit so far didn’t reveal any wrongdoings.

After several motions to change the restraint measure, on May 12 Mr. Rubinyan was released under the written cognizance not to leave his place of residence.


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