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Mr. Aram Karapetyan
Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as the victim of political persecution:

Mr Karapetyan is the Founder and the President of “Nor Zhamanakner” party, which has joined the opposition movement in Armenia before the Parliamentary Elections of 2007. He is also well known representative Armenian Community in Moscow, Russia.


During 2008 Elections he tried to put forward his candidacy but the CEC refused to register him as a Candidate for Presidency on the ground of citizenship. Afterwards he has joined Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

In the course of his public appearances Mr. Karapetyan has made a number of accusations against President Kocharyan and then candidate for presidency, Prime Minister Sargsyan. He implicitly blamed President Robert Kocharyan and Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan for the October 1999 assassinations in Armenia’s parliament.

Karapetyan was arrested on February 24 on charges of “false denunciation” stemming from the distribution of DVDs featuring his questions to then President Robert Kocharyan and his incoming successor, Serzh Sargsyan. He challenged them to publicly explain whether they planned a controversial land swap with Azerbaijan in September 1999 and whether then Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan and Parliament Speaker Karen Demirchyan, who were assassinated shortly afterwards, opposed it.

Karapetyan has been kept in the pre trial detention for more than three months. During this period of time the case didn’t move from the starting point: no interrogations, no proves of his guilt were presented. All motions of defence lawyers concerning the alteration of the restraint measure were rejected by the court without any substantive reasons.

In the beginning of June his health condition has become worse. Remaining in custody became dangerous for his life. Dr. Armen Gasparyan, a cardiologist who examined Aram Karapetyan in prison, said during a press conference that the leader of the opposition party is suffering and will risk heaving a heart attack or stroke unless he is “immediately” hospitalized.

A spokesman for a Justice Ministry department managing Armenia’s prisons insisted, however, that Karapetyan’s heart troubles are not grave and that he can receive medical treatment in the NSS’s basement jail. The department has nonetheless decided to form a special commission of its own medics and independent doctors that will look into Gasparyan’s claims. It is worth mentioning that Armen Gasparyan, who worked at a cardiology clinic of the Armenian Medical University which is located in Erebuni Hospital premises, after his news conference was told by hospital director that he will not be allowed to enter the sprawling building anymore because of visiting Karapetyan and identifying himself as an Erebuni doctor.

Karapetyan was hospitalized only after another doctor who examined him in jail, warned that the opposition leader will risk suffering a heart attack or stroke unless he receives urgent medical treatment. Karapetyan’s hospitalization failed to satisfy his supporters. In a statement, Nor Zhamanakner said it distrusts the doctors treating the party leader and wants him to be examined by “independent” doctors.

Under public pressure Mr. Karapetyan was released and allowed to leave the country for treatment. According to the Armenian authorities, the preliminary inquiry concerning Mr.
Karapetyan penal case has been suspended until he recovers.

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