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Friday, 2018-10-19, 6:08 AM
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Mr. Grigor Voskerchyan
Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as a political prisoner:

Mr. Vockerchyan was nominated as the coordinator of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s   campaign offices in Abovyan Region, Marz of Kotayk, unanimously by all parties and organizations which supported the candidacy of the ex-president. This fact explicitly proves that he enjoys respect and full confidence of a very large number people as well as of political figures representing opposition.

During the all period of elections 15 Proxies of LTP as well as 5 members of regional electoral commission representing opposition have been constantly intimidated. All these cases were registered and reported to EOM. On 13.02.08 in his report No 013 addressed to the regional prosecutor has reported about the large scale electoral bribes in the favor of Serzh Sargsyan in several villages of the region. The same day he informed about that heads of electoral commission in precincts No 27 and 28.

On February 19 only in Abovyan City 20 Proxies, 6 members of electoral commissions and 8 observers were assaulted and intimidated. 16 cases were reported to Police and Prosecutor General. 6 cases from those reported were including information about criminal offences. In 3 cases from those 16 the organizer of violence was reported the same person. 3 assaulted Proxies, Erjanik Abgaryan, Gurgen Eghiazarjan and Larisa Torosyan, on the same day gave a press conference and informed about their cases. In general, in his capacity of the coordinator and proxy Mr. Voskerchyan filed about 40 complaints from which the only one was taken into consideration and later in June dropped. It is important to notice that in the Kotayk Marz, according to CeC official figures, the average turnout on the elections day was about 86%, in 19 precincts it was between 95% and 102%.

In order to obtain evidences of culpability of Mr. Voskerchyan Police has interrogated about 140 persons who have had any relation to the conduct of Elections but not the deadly events of March 1. This proves that the 1st of March events are only a cover, real intention is to isolate those oppositionists who were involved in electoral processes.

These interrogations were conducted with blatant violations of all possible Human Rights and legal norms:

-         8-15 hours of interrogations over night, 

-         intimidation and violence,

-         denial of the right to legal advice,

-         intimidation of relatives,

-         all interrogations were conducted in the manner if the person would be a suspect.

-         in all cases citizens were informed about their legal status only after the interrogations.

All these facts prove that Voskerchyan is persecuted for his activities during Elections.

Regardless all efforts of accusing side, so far no proves or any evidences of Voskerchyan’s guilt were presented.

All motions of defence lawyers concerning the alteration of the restraint measure were rejected by the court without substantively grounded formal and legal reasons.

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