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Mr. Vardan Ghavalbabunts
Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as a political prisoner:

Vardan Ghavalbabunts was the driver of Mr. Vano Siradeghyan, the former Minister of Interior and a close ally of Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Vano Siradeghyan was accused in grave crimes which have never been proved. The accusation of Mr. Ghavalbabunts explicitly makes reference to this episode of his biography as to the constituent element of an offence. This presumption clearly indicates that the case against Mr. Ghavalbabunts is nothing but political persecution.


-         According to the accusation the other component of his crime is the fact that on March 1 he was seen on the Myasnikyan Square beside some leaders of the opposition.

-         Accusation is based only on the questionable testimony of the victim, a police officer, who allegedly has recognized the culprit.

-         The court disregarded proves presented by the defence, which would dismiss the allegations made by investigation body.

-         The Court has rejected motions of the defence, but satisfied all motions of the accusation.

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