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Mr. Smbat Ayvazyan
Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as a political prisoner:

Mr. Ayvazyan is the Member of Political Bureau of “Hanrapetutyun" Party, which has supported the candidacy of Levon Ter-Petrosyan during the 2008 Presidential elections. He also was nominated as Proxy of the said candidate during the Elections.


On 24.02.08 near Yerevan’s Liberty Square, where tens of thousands of Ter-Petrossian supporters have been demonstrating against the official vote results for over a week, his car was stopped by a group of Policemen and he was arrested. During the arrest and the search Police found a gun and motivated his arrest by illegal carrying of arms. Regardless the fact that in two hours it became clear that the gun was legal, Ayvazyan was kept in detention about 10 hours without registration of the fact that he was taken into custody and kept at the Police. At about 11:00 p.m., again without any official records, he was transferred in handcuffs to another Police station and tested for drugs. This was another failed attempt to incriminate him a crime.


Ayvazian was officially charged only late Tuesday, 26.02.08, with resisting Police by pushing a Police officer in chest on the way back from the drug test, within the premises of the police station.  It must be mentioned that at that time Ayvazyan was in handcuffs. Although the forensic medical examination of the said officer defeated that accusation, Mr. Ayvazyan has not been released from custody.


Later during the search conducted in his apartment, police has found a truncheon, which was qualified by the investigators as illegal arms and ammunition. The truncheon was purchased by Smbat Ayvazyan, who is the member of the Hunting Society of Armenia, in the specialised hunting shop. This was used by the accusing side to charge him additionally in accordance with the Article 235 Part 4.


All motions of defence lawyers concerning the alteration of the restraint measure were rejected by the court without substantively grounded formal and legal reasons.


All accusations are based solely on the vague and contradicting testimonies of three police officers.


During the court hearings the Judge has been constantly rejecting all motions of the defence lawyers. All motions of the accusation were satisfied.


During court hearings Judge has been constantly refusing to test all witnesses of the defence side.


On November 11 Smbat Ayvazyan was convicted by the court to 2 years of imprisonment and financial punishment in the amount of 300 minimal salaries.

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