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Mr. David Matevosyan

Davit Matevosyan is one of the leaders of the national movement that began in the autumn of 2007.  He’s also a member of the 2008 presidential election campaign managing group of Levon Ter-Petrosyan, the first president of RA, and plays a leading role in his political team. He is known as balanced and reasonable person.

In February 1996, he was appointed Vice-Governor of Syunik Marz, which is the second largest territorial division in Armenia.


Within 1999-2000 he was in charge of “Hayantar” the governmental office accountable for the whole forestry of the country. Here he offered many legislative improvements and some of them were passed by the National Assembly, and are still effectively functioning. He is held in high respect among ecologists, and during his officiating an important dialogue began with several international ecological organizations.


Finally, being disappointed with the regime ruled by Serge Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan, police lieutenant-colonel Davit Matevosyan voluntarily left his governmental job and began his struggle for democracy and freedom as a citizen, and since 2006 also as politician, returned to active political life.

Acts of violence and illegal coercion to Davit started in 2006, when he began actively politicizing and expressed himself against the policy implemented by the government. He was one of the founders of civil and political initiative “Aylntranq” /”Alternative”/ and a member of coordinating committee. In 2007 he was a deputy candidate in the oppositional “Impeachment” block during the parliamentary elections


On May 9, 2007 on Nalbandian street, Yerevan, violence was implemented against the peaceful rally of the opposition near the building of Service of National Security. As a result Davit Matevosyan was brutally beaten and kidnapped by the police. Davit was set free only due to the demonstrators, who bravely kept on standing near the building and demanded the release of the kidnapped activists. No one took responsibility for this clash.


On October 23, 2007, Matevosyan, along with a group of activists, was detained at about 3 p.m. and illegally kept in the police department of Kentron, Yerevan till 3 a.m. of the next day. That day Davit’s 18-year-old son was detained with him.


During 2008 Presidential Elections period the police has kidnapped his son and his under-age daughter from the street several times and kept illegally in order to gather information about their father’s activities.


In the morning on March 1, 2008, after an hour of violent attack on the peaceful demonstrators on the Liberty Square, Yerevan representatives of Law enforcement agencies detained and brought Matevosyan to the police department of Qanaqer-Zeitun, where he was illegally kept for 2 days.


The investigation was carried out with serious violations of law. Matevosyan’s lawyer has proclaimed for several times about these violations, but his complaints have been constantly ignored. Even the ombudsman of RA Armen Harutyunyan initially has not been allowed to visit the arrested activist, the fact that has been mentioned in his official report. Davit Matevosyan has been subjected to psychological pressure to give false evidence. He was also subjected to violence.


The motions of the defence lawyer were particularly relating to the following:

-         Mr. Matevosyan was arrested by two investigators, who are not entitled to arrest.

-         He was stopped and arrested without any explanations, without the arrest order.

-         Accusation was based solely on the contradicting testimonies of two investigation officers who have arrested him.

-         During pre-trial investigation and the court hearings they were constantly mixing such details of the arrest as the time, the place of the arrest, the nature of the assault and how the accused has assaulted them.

-         No witnesses from defence side were accepted and tried.

-         The court has disregarded the fact that during the court hearings two investigation officers didn’t recognise themselves as victims according to the Article 316 and sentenced Mr. Matevosyan to 3 years of imprisonment.


Matevosyan was seriously operated last November, and his health situation is worrying. The Ministry of Health and the office of the Red Cross in Yerevan had initially refused the request to keep his and other detainee’s and prisoner’s health under constant medical observation.

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