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Abrahamyan Mkrtich Shavarshi

Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as a political prisoner:

In his capacity of the member of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s Electoral Staff, Mr. Abrahamyan, together with the Head of the said Staff has been monitoring the conduct of Presidential Elections in Armavir Marz. During the monitoring they have witnessed numerous violations, including ballot box stuffing, intimidation of voters, which were properly reported to the Central Electoral Staff of Levon Ter-Petrosyan. In the Hoktember Village they recorded the replacement of the Ballot Box before the vote count by the supporters of Serzh Sargsyan. Mr. Abrahamyan has filled a formal complaint to the CEC on this violation.

-         Mr. Abrahamyan was arrested on 11.03.08 but the official decison concernig his detantion was issued only on the next day.

-         During that one day illegal detantion Mr. Abrahamyan was severly beaten and tortured.

-         The investigators, with the violation of the required procedure, has provided Mr. Abrahamyan with a Public defender who has convinced the suspect to sign the avowal of guilt which was written by the Police. This fact shows that the Public Defender was executing the orders of the Police.

-         The accusation was based solely on the basis of testimonies given by contradicting and not proved testimonies of Policemen.

-         During the Court hearings it appeared that the person who has arrested, interrogated, took the explanations from the suspect, gave the suspect the avowal of guilt for signature and was acting as the main witness was the same Police Officer, Lieutenant Hrant Sedrakyan.

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