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Mr. Nikol Pashinyan
Reasons advanced for which the person concerned could be regarded as a political prisoner:

Since the beginning 1998 Nikol Pashinyan, then Editor in Chief of “Oragir” independent newspaper, talented journalist well known for his sharp vision and objectiveness, actively involved in political life of Armenia and raised his voice against unlawfulness, rapidly growing acts of state sponsored violence in Armenia, suppression of such human rights as the right to freedom of opinion and speech, right to free access to information, right to life after all. All these years Authorities, sometimes with the help of criminal elements has been responding to his publications in “Oragir” and other newspapers with such clearly politically motivated steps as initiating criminal investigations against him, violence against journalists working in his news papers, burning of the car* of the editor, attack on the editorial office and theft of computers and other office equipment. No one of all these crimes was properly investigated, non of offenders was identified and arrested by police.


Regardless all efforts, all pressure Authorities were unable to make him keep silent. Instead of one suppressed newspaper, Pashinyan was opening another, thus currently one of the most popular “Haykakan Zhamanak” independent newspaper has replaced “Oragir”.


In 2006 Pshinyan, together with a group of like minded people, has started “Aylentranq” (Alternative) civil initiative which in 2007 has transformed in “Impeachment” political bloc and made its input in the process of the formation of national movement and the raise of civil consciousness.


In May 2007, after Parliamentary Elections which were easily falsified by authorities and silently accepted by the public because of the total atmosphere of apathy and hopelessness, Nikol Pashinyan with the words “We can no longer bear the chaos reigning in the country,” has started a demonstrative hunger strike on the Opera Square.    


His growing popularity and his ability to lead people together with his definite devotion to the principals of democracy and the rule of law made him dangerous to Authorities.


During 2008 Presidential Elections Pashinyan unequivocally joined the team of Levon Ter-Petrosyan. All video and audio materials of rallies and particularly of March 1 events prove that all his actions were aimed at the calming people and avoiding any possible violence.   


All these facts prove that all charges against Nikol Pashinyan are purely politically motivated.




YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 23, 2004. ARMINFO. National Press Club qualifies the Monday explosion of the car of Aykakan Zhamanak chief editor Nikol Pashinyan as a terrorist act against press freedom in Armenia.

NPC says that if earlier such acts were aimed against journalists' cameras now applied is an explosive. The lives of journalists are in danger. NPC demands
that the government punish the organizers of the crime. "It's time to come to one's senses and to restore legality in Armenia otherwise the wheel of
violation may turn in some unpredictable direction."

To remind, Pashinyan's car exploded Monday evening and his staff are suspecting Armenian businessman Gagik Tsarukyan who has recently been a target of
their pens.


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